In December 2020, the European Union and United Kingdom finally reached an agreement on their divorce – commonly referred to as the “EU Brexit Agreement.” The 1,246-page document outlines the terms of the UK`s departure from the EU and establishes a new framework for their relationship going forward. For those interested in the specifics, the full document is available in PDF form online.

The agreement covers a range of topics, from trade and security to fisheries and energy cooperation. One of the key aspects of the agreement is the establishment of a free trade agreement between the EU and UK, which will allow for tariff-free trade in most goods. However, the agreement also includes provisions for customs and regulatory checks on goods crossing between the two entities.

Another critical aspect of the agreement concerns the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living in the EU. Both groups will have the right to continue living and working in their current country of residence, with their existing rights and protections guaranteed. The agreement also includes provisions for continued cooperation on issues of security, such as the exchange of criminal records and information on suspected terrorists.

For those interested in diving into the specifics of the agreement, the PDF is available for download online. It`s worth noting that while the agreement was hailed as a major achievement by both sides, it is not without controversy. Some have criticized certain provisions, such as the rules around fishing rights, as being too favorable to one side or the other.

Overall, the EU Brexit Agreement marks a significant moment in the history of both the European Union and the United Kingdom. It remains to be seen how effectively the agreement will be implemented and what its long-term implications will be for both parties. However, for those interested in understanding the details of the agreement, the full PDF is a valuable resource.