The success of Retail companies depends on their supply chain. Logistics understands that retail involves purchasing of goods, in large quantities, from manufacturers/wholesalers to sell to clients for a profit. Flexibility, reliability and accuracy in our services are crucial since most buyers are sourcing their materials from low cost manufacturers / countries thus making the supply chain more challenging.

Through globalisation sourcing of materials has become more demanding and supply chains need to be more flexible to meet these requirements. Logistics has developed, over the last 30 years, a network of partners throughout the world, building on weekly direct services into Malta. This has built confidence in our clients’ ability to source, from new markets, large and small quantities of goods from different parts of the world.

Our local 3PL services, such as warehousing, distribution and Customs Clearance operations closes the link that our clients need to have in their supply chain. Delivering to our clients door is done in-house, with the help of our own developed IT systems.

Whether it is a road, sea or air shipment Logistics has always given the right consultancy to meet its clients demands, to optimise costs and reduce lead times to keep up with a fast moving industry.

Key Features

  • Frequent and regular road services to and from all major countries in Europe and North Africa
  • Different equipment options available upon request on selected routes
  • Cost effective solutions
  • General cargo can be both palletized and non-palletized
  • Scheduled departures and deliveries
  • Highly reliable door-to-door transit times
  • Customs Bonded Warehouse
  • Finished goods
  • Hanging Garments
  • National distribution center
  • Dedicated and shared-user facilities
  • WMS (Warehousing Management Systems) options
  • Cross dock facilities
  • Personal and household storage
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation center

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